Tuesday, February 19, 2013

තටු, නිරූපද්‍රිතයි!

දිලිසෙන දුඹුරු පෑ
හැඩැති බත් කූරෙකි!

ප්‍රාණය නිරුද්ධවැ
පාපිස්ස මත දරදඬුවැ

තටු, නිරූපද්‍රිතයි!
හිස සිඳීගොස් ඇත!

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  1. Hmm Many of us have so much potential to become something, somebody but we somehow choose not to.. is it cos our hearts are dead? may be..

    I don't know if you remember me, but It's really great to know that you have not stopped writing, and you still write things that can inspire me..take care, and keep writing..would like to hear from you sometime..